Teamspeak Rules

  • Push-to-talk is required for all members. You are only permitted to use voice activation if we can’t tell you are using it. Offenders will be muted by Officers, repeat offenders will be removed from the server.
  • In the game session channel, your Teamspeak username must match your ingame ARMA name.
  • At any time, any member may call out “break” if they have something mission-critical to discuss, and all users in the channel should immediately cease communication. Officers may repeat the “break” call if it wasn’t heard clearly.
  • While in-session, do not use the Poke, Whisper, etc. features of Teamspeak. While alive in-game, please do not use any communication tools beyond normal Teamspeak voice communications, particularly Steam messaging unless you are messaging someone unrelated to AppTac. We have several members who like to record sessions, and having random Steam popups doesn’t look great on video. If you are having Arma issues, you can message one of the Officers for tech help.

Server Rules

  • Our server is usually up 24/7 and available for all division members to use. You can log yourself in as a game admin by using #vote admin [your username], assuming no one else is currently logged in.
  • If you are using the server, you are required to be online on Teamspeak, and in one of the Arma channels.
  • Any member is welcome to create their own missions and use the server for testing purposes. If you are interested in making missions, contact an officer and we will give you access to upload mission files. Once your mission passes basic QA it will be eligible for the weekly session with the full group.
  • Officers may (very rarely) take down the server without warning during the week, so please do not be alarmed if everything suddenly disconnects.

Game Rules and Session Flow


  1. Please join the server promptly at session start time (unless directed by an Officer to delay due to server restarts). The server address should be listed in the “Server Info” Teamspeak channel description.
  2. At session start time, the Officers will start announcements. All non-Officers must remain silent during this period except to ask clarifying questions. Feel free to use ingame or teamspeak chat during this time as necessary, but you are expected to listen to the announcements. We’ll return the favor by keeping announcements brief and actually relevant to you.
  3. After announcements, Officers will assign Mentors (veteran members who have volunteered for the role) to Recruits (new members with less than three sessions attended). A second-week Recruit may decline a Mentor if desired.
  4. We will load up a “Voting” dummy map at the start, to vote on a CO-OP or Team vs Team mission to start. Slots on each team are labeled with the type of mission to play. If you do not see any slots, make sure you select a team from the top left corner of the lobby screen.
  5. After a mission has been selected, you will see the slotting screen. Please do not slot until a specific slot is called for by the Officers. We will call for the commander of the mission first (usually “Platoon Commander”, name may change depending on army makeup), who will then proceed to call more slots based on needs and numbers available.
  6. During slotting, priority for slots will be given to Recruits. A Recruit may take any role desired, including some mission critical roles, except for Platoon Command or any high-risk transportation role (helicopter pilot, for example). Recruits still only slot when called for, and their Mentor (if assigned) should also slot during this time, following their respective recruit.
  7. After all Recruits have slotted (or declined to slot early), the Platoon Command will call for slots to be filled. Any member can slot any role called for; there are no requirements to take a slot, and we highly encourage trying out any role you have interest in, even if mission-critical.
  8. Once you have taken a slot, you are committed to filling that slot. Please do not unslot or switch unless you have someone who can replace you. For trading slots, please keep communication off the Teamspeak net so that the PC/Officers can keep slotting moving at a reasonable pace. Use ingame chat to coordinate slot trades.

Planning & Briefing

  1. After the PC is satisfied with slots, the mission will go to the map screen. Command roles will begin working on the mission plan at this time. If this is the second mission or later, the Officers will declare a break time. During break, feel free to go get a snack or do whatever; it’s your time.
  2. During planning, you are welcome to use ingame text chat for anything. Voice communication priority is given to Command for planning. If Command speaks up for anything mission related, all voice communication should cease immediately.
  3. Standard break time is ten minutes, which the Officers may adjust if the previous mission was short or broken due to Arma being Arma. However, the break time is a minimum; Command can use as much time as needed to plan the mission (within reason). Members should be back by the end of break time, but the mission will not launch until Command is ready and declares briefing.
  4. During briefing, Command has absolute voice priority. If you have any questions about the briefing, please allow it to continue before asking, or put them in text chat. Your question might be answered down the line without breaking Briefing flow, or already answered by the ingame briefing from the mission creator.
  5. After Briefing and any questions are answered, Command will let the current Admin know to start the mission.


  1. Once the mission has launched, text chat is off limits. You should not use text chat for any purpose. If you are having an Arma issue (INCLUDING ACRE ISSUES), please contact an Officer directly via Steam. Do not use text chat. The only time text chat will be used is by an Officer to announce to the entire session a specific problem or other relevant detail.
  2. Remember your FAM training and follow the rules. In-Session game rules have already been detailed to you elsewhere.
  3. Once you are dead, you will be thrown into spectator mode. Feel free to go get a snack or do whatever once in spectator; except for rare TvTs there are no respawns, so you’re out until the next mission starts. Remember, text chat is still off limits. Please also refrain from using Steam to message living players, as some may be recording and don’t want to get a Steam pop-up on their video feed.
  4. All missions have a time limit, which may either be mission triggered or admin-triggered. Once the mission ends, if you are in spectator mode, your screen may seem to freeze unexpectedly; this is normal, and you should simply wait it out until sent back to the Lobby. After all players have returned to the Lobby, we’ll allow a couple minutes of post-mission discussion while voting on the next mission takes place. Please vote before discussing the mission, so we can keep session moving along at a brisk pace.
  5. Repeat from Pre-Mission until everyone gets everyone passes out on his keyboard.