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Work In Progress (I don't really update this much nor place much importance on it; more of a rough guideline than anything else)

Ages: Primal(unknown) -> Dragon(1728yrs) -> Chaos(744yrs) -> Imperial(1012yrs) -> Faith (current:566)

Hyperion Ancient History
Year:Age Event
-503:Primal Earliest verified caveman drawings revealing evidence of humanoids as a species of intelligence.
1:Dragon Dragons descend upon Hyperion from the heavens, recorded simultaneously by numerous early tribal communities across the continent. Scholars using Hindsight divination verified that the nomadic dragons originated from the stars beyond the skies.
1:Dragon Earliest artifacts found of draconic worship among humanoids. Wise and powerful, dragons were soon viewed as guardian deities throughout the lands. Scattering across the world, they seized seats of power and ruled over the humanoid tribal communities as living gods. While arrogant and egocentric, most archaeological evidence over the next millennium revealed that as a species, the dragons made overall benevolent dictators; cruel and selfish tyrants among the dragonlords proved uncommon.
3:Dragon First etherite crystal mine opened on Hyperion. Later analysis reveal that these crystallized stones of magic drove dragons to migrate from world to world.
19:Dragon Breakdown in diplomacy sparked war between the dragons and the elemental lords in Southern Eurypha. Although human societies were not directly affected by the war, it was nevertheless felt by the increased demand of etherite mining.
23:Dragon The Elemental War ends with the dragonkind's total victory. The elementals were enslaved.
666:Dragon A draconic ritual to bring deeper etherite crystals to the surface failed, opened a rift to the Infinite Realms of the Abyss and beginning the Demonic Invasion.
680:Dragon Unable to maintain the front lines against far superior numbers, the dragonlords began conscription of humanoid forces to serve as lesser troops against the Demonic Invasion.
700:Dragon The Demonic Invasion was finally brought to a halt at the Battle of Medea. Exhausted, both sides began fortifying their domains, leading to a long war of attrition.
801:Dragon An energy being named 'The Razor' came to Hyperion through the Abyssal Rift, cumulating in first contact between the dragons and the archons of Celestia.
807:Dragon After a four year journey, the dragonlord Vermillion returned to Hyperion with the Planar Lens artifact. He died from his accursed injuries in three days.
808:Dragon Using the communication abilities of the Planar Lens, the dragons and the archons forged an alliance against the demons of the Abyss.
1148:Dragon The Dragon-Archon Alliance launches the Grand Coalition Offensive, coordinated across two worlds.
1150:Dragon The Grand Coalition Days Offensive successfully ends the Demonic Invasion of Hyperion with the Battle of the Rift, driving the demons from this world.
1164:Dragon Coordinating with their archon allies, the dragonkind launches the Invasion of the Abyss.
1275:Dragon The Invasion of the Abyss is withdrawn as the dragonlords realize the futility of warring the Infinite Realms. The Dragon-Archon Alliance ends.
1285:Dragon After a decade of fruitless research, the dragonlords Hyperion, Eurypha, and Eos voluntarily sacrifices their immortal lives to close the Abyssal Rift. But before doing so, Hyperion breaks the taboo upheld among dragonkind and teaches sorcery to millions of humans by broadcasting it through his telepathic speech.
1433:Dragon As the last available etherite mines begin to dry up, the dragonkind begin preparations for their departure, naming the disciples of Hyperion as their successors.
1483:Dragon The dragon civilization depart Hyperion, ending the Age of Dragon.
0:Chaos The dragonlords left the disciples of Hyperion with twelve equal leaders, modeled after their own system. Yet three months after their departure, war erupted between the continents as the Age of Chaos began.
102:Chaos Trinitian religion is established after the Founder begins spread the teachings of the Holy Father. Although his name and appearance seem to differ by region, all claim to be the dragonlord Hyperion reborn after exactly 300 years.
744:Chaos After seven centuries of total war, Emperor Aetian of the Inner Sea Imperium and Emperor Dong of the Dawn Imperium signed the Charter of 'Two Realms Under Heaven', beginning the Imperial Age.
Hyperion Modern History
Year:Age Event
107:Imperial Consul Marius creates the Imperial Legionary system and begin reforming the Inner Sea Imperium's military.
500:Imperial The reborn Kingdom of Amudari is founded in present-day Weichsel, settled by nomads from the east. The Imperium offered the lands and protection in exchange for yearly tributes, establishing Amudrai as an Imperial Protectorate and buffer state against the north.
1012:Imperial Emperor Aurelian converts to Trinitian. He renames the Imperium to Holy Imperium of the Inner Sea, orders construction of the Grand Cathedral of Arcadia, and declares the beginning of the Age of Faith within Imperial territories.
23:Faith Riots sparked between Trinitian and Tauheed evangelists cause Emperor Aurelian to dispatch Imperial Legions from Hyperion to restore order. Trinitian bias and oppression by the legions soon cause Consul Ismail of Cataliya to declare independence from religious tyranny, sparking the Cataliyan Rebellion.
60:Faith Joint Northmen forces launch the 7th Invasion of Amudari. With their legions occupied, the Holy Imperium sends only token aid. The Siege of Odra results of its sacking and burning. King Bazyli dies during the Siege of Odra when his citadel was breached, sacked, and burned to the ground.
61:Faith Ferdinand von Drachenlanzen rallies remaining Amudari forces by enacting the Writ of Universal Conscription. He crushes the invading Northmen army in the Battle of Konigsfeld and establishes the Kingdom of Weichsel.
73:Faith After fifty years of unending war, the new Emperor Justinian negotiates an end to the Catalian Rebellion, giving legitimacy to the Cataliya Dominion.
86:Faith Propelled by internal demand, Sovereign Ismail I of the Cataliya Dominion reforms itself as the Cataliya Caliphate and becomes the first Caliph.
129:Faith King Ferdinand I of Weichsel seeks papal permission to launch a war against the Cataliya Caliphate, hoping to redirect the Holy Imperium's attention south. Pope St Peters agrees, sparking the 1st Crusade.
131:Faith Cataliya forces defeat King Ferdinand I during the Battle of Trian Pass. Ferdinand I is killed and declared a martyr and saint by the Pope.
227:Faith Prodded by the young Holy Emperor Adrian who seek to reclaim lands lost before and during the 1st Crusade, Pope Honorius declares the 2nd Crusade. Like the 1st before it, the new Crusade would also fail after decades of war and territorial losses by the Imperium.
298:Faith Inflamed by centuries of Imperial suppression and forced conversion, the Lotharin Rebellion begins, soon cumulating into the Rhin-Lotharingie Independence War.
311:Faith As the northern war spreads, Caliph Turan sees an opportunity and launches the 1st Tauheed Holy War against the Holy Imperium of the Inner Sea.
330:Faith Siege of Alis Avern is broken by Lotharin reinforcements, destroying twelve legions of the Holy Imperium's northern field army. The Imperials sign the Treaty of Alis Avern, recognizing Rhin-Lotharingie Independence. Charles de Gaetane is crowned Emperor of Rhin-Lotharingie.